Is this tryna tell me something?

Okay, I don’t know if I mentioned, but there’s a guy.

I dance with him. He’s cute. But straight as FUCK.

Funny thing is, he’s been appearing in my dreams.

And last night, he was in another one.

I was just talking with him, chillin.

It looked like we were in my aunt’s bedroom, but I think we were outside the dance studio.

Anyways, the only thing I can remember was he said “Nah, I don’t know if I’m into guys.”

But then I asked him, “Are you the type of guy that would experiment with other guys?”

And he answered, “Yeah, definitely.”

I felt a little warm on the inside, then I woke up.

I swear, I feel like this is telling me something, but I might just be over analyzing again LOL.


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