Coucou, what should you do?

You know, I’ve noticed how often I’ve caught myself asking “What is [insert name here] purpose” and never found an answer. Even for myself. Certainly one should be able to answer that question to make the right choice when it comes to several things, but even though a lot of people don’t.

What should we do?

Go to school?

Get a job?

Grow old?

Get kids?

It’s just as one would mention the good ol’ circle of life: birth, mature, breed and wither. However should people really follow those?

Currently we’re going through a process of degradation of the current format of schools and jobs. Many people ask themselves why must they go to school, and unfortunately they can’t find a reason why. The prior reason would be so I can get to a good college to guarantee a spot on the market and guess what, nowadays it has become more evident that having a job isn’t as stable as it feels and/or looks like.

Sometime ago, this nice expression showed up and now I carry it with me in my wallet: Personal Gain.

Shouldn’t someone be stimulated to do something so they can achieve personal gain? Whether it’s emotional, mental or physical?

Maybe that’s what capitalism tried to achieve, but failed. If you think about it, the system is focused on gain, but it forgot about it’s own supporters. How can one deal with that?

In any case, think about it. It should help clearing your way to make a lucid decision on whatever topic.


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