My Lucky Condom.

I actually really believe it’s lucky LOL.

I mean:

  • I got 4 bags of chips from the vending machine for only a dollar.
  • Found perfect parking spots on extremely hectic shopping days
  • I took my placement test at Skyline without it, placed in remedial. Took it again WITH it, placed in Eng100, the University level English course.
  • Brought it to dance practice, my teacher gave me a solo. For my 1st show.

But then I have the WORST luck with guys. >_> Even WITH my lucky condom.

I swear. I mean, I get this shit:

  • Crushing on Twinklyfingers has become THE most embarrassing thing of my Senior year.
  • Twins in my Tagalog class? Fucking sexy. More eyecandy, rather than a crush. Last day of class 10 minutes after they leave? I find out the cuter twin is bi.
  • I think I find the guy with the PERFECT smile, PERFECT personality, PERFECT looks, PERFECT EVERYTHING (HE’S EVEN FROM HAWAI’I AND SPEAKS PIDGIN. HOW MUCH MORE EXACT CAN YOU GET?). What do you know, he’s straight, has a girlfriend, and ends up leaving for the military by January.



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