Random research for for the single-as-fuck.

I ate a LOOOT of chocolate yesterday.

6 Ferrero Rochers, and I think maybe 10-ish Ghirardelli squares with caramel. Then my friend gave me a small section of his cookies and cream bar.



All cause of Chris. ALL BECAUSE OF CHRIS.

(I’m not using his codename anymore cause he’s at training, he can’t use electronics, and Chris is a common name LMFAO.)

So I got bored and started doing some research on the health effects of chocolate LMAO.

We ALL know chocolate releases endorphins, which means chocolate makes you feel happy because it releases neurotransmitters in your brain to make you happy.

It turns out, studies say that melting chocolate in your mouth increases brain activity and heart rate becomes more intense than passionate kissing does.

So, chocolate is the closest thing you can get to a boyfriend/girlfriend if your single.

And if you DO have a boyfriend or girlfriend, shit, chocolate makes you feel better than they do according to science. LMFAO.

Yeah, I’m single as fuck.

Shut the fuck up, my man is in the army. asldkfjas;dgkljads;klfjawelfjadsf.


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