Ugh. But it’s been a whole month.

I’m sorry, but this is really stupid.

I’m on my man-period, and I just wanna vent.


For I don’t know fucking why.

But nothing but Chris was on my mind.

Since my fucking dream, this has been happening.

I’ve never woken up crying before.

And ugh.

And EVERYTHING seemed to remind me of him today.

I passed by the beach he lived next to.

Everything on Tumblr reminded me of him. Pictures of the donut shop we went to before he left, the music, the fucking army pictures. asdfghjkl;

Then his sister tagged pictures of him on Facebook when he was a little kid. asdfghjkl;

And during my break at school today, my friend Nadine and I were talking about the military.

And how fucking extreme their shit is.

I can’t stand the thought of him getting yelled at by those sergeants/chiefs for stupid reasons.

And survival training? HELL NO.

She told me that for survival training, you’re on your own for 2 weeks in the wilderness with nothing but an extra uniform and a knife.

I know he’s just in basic right now, but still. asdfghjkl;

Dear God. @_@

And what beat me down even MORE is the fact that she told me that they’re not allowed to write while in basic training.

Really? REALLY? >_____>

And before Chris left, he said that he didn’t want to take breaks. So he’s not coming home after he’s done with basic.


Why am I even thinking about him like this?

Crushes are fucking stupid, and if I already know I won’t get anywhere, I’m literally just wasting my damn time.

I already went through stupid high school crush shit last year, so why haven’t I learned my lesson yet?


I really don’t care if he’s worth it (cause he is, but like I said. No chance), I just wanna get my mind of off this shit.


One comment on “Ugh. But it’s been a whole month.

  1. Bonnie says:

    best way to get something off your mind is to think about something else… sooo…

    iono jed.

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