So I had ANOTHER dream about Chris.


But this time, it was kinda funny.

It was like my 1st dream out of 3 last night, so it’s REALLY blurry.

All I remember is that I was playing 10 Fingers with my friends from Tagalog.

So far, Chris was clean, and I was winning like usual with my clean ass LMFAO.

Then it was my turn, and I said that I’ve never had sex.

I looked around and saw Chris put a finger down LMFAO.

I remember he told a story about getting caught, but I hardly remember it LOL.

He said something like he was doing a little foreplay and extreme makeout with his girlfriend, then once he “went inside” someone opened the door and caught them.


Then that’s all I remember LOL.

Now that I look back, I wish I played 10 fingers with him to see what he’s actually done LMFAO.

I’m pretty sure he’s clean, I mean, he doesn’t seem like the type to have sex that early LOL.


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