So I finally narrowed my shit down.

It’s either:

  • Major in Cinema/Animation/Graphic Design and minor in Hawaiian language


  • Major in Hawaiian Studies and minor in Art (maybe with a focus on education). And maybe get a certificate for Hawaiian Language. :D

Either way, I can still become an Art/Hawaiian History/Lauguage teacher. And I can have a side job with my hobbies.

With my 1st choice, I’m mainly a Hawaiian language teacher (No history/culture teacher D: It’s all good tho), and with my major, I can get credentials for teaching art. But I can also be a filmmaker on the side (luckily Hawai’i has local film festivals :D) and I can do some graphic design work. For graphic design work, you don’t necessarily need a degree. You just need a portfolio. Which takes me to …

…My 2nd option LOL. My 2nd choice is my mainly teaching-only route. Mainly a Hawaiian History/Culture/Art teacher. Because of this, I was thinking of just doing a BEd (Bachelor’s of Education) program instead, if I’m just gonna get into teaching. If I do that, I’d have to do a Secondary Education major with a focus on Social Studies and a concentration on Hawaiian Studies and History. Then a minor in Art Education. But I don’t wanna limit myself to just teaching LOL. Even though I don’t know what else there is with this option.

And yep, I’m ditching Zoology.

As amazing as a job with dolphins and turtles sound, I forgot about how much I loved art LOL.

But I hate taking art classes. Legit. LOL

Once I decide, I can finally end my misery LMFAO.


One comment on “So I finally narrowed my shit down.

  1. Unkz says:

    So it all leads to teaching or liberal professionalism. That was some good narrowing you did there, I’m proud of you.

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