You just keep coming back in my head, don’t you?

So I was with my Tagalog-class cool people today.

Then we were talking about our new eyecandy in our new classes.

And I showed my friend Christina what DaMoannn looks like. (Remember DaFAACK! from last year? Yeah, his twin. I see him everyday LMAO)

She said DaMoannn looks like Shakapidgin.

I’m starting to see the resemblance.

And it sucks.

askfjadsklgjasld;fj Why.

But I found out I wasn’t the only one that liked Chris LOL.

My friend Alexia said that he was the sweetest guy she’s ever met and she was kinda crushing on him too.

So was my friend Kyle LOL.

I feel like I crushed on him the most though.



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