Well, my luck really does suck.

  • Been about 3 weeks, and I still can’t find my fucking camera.
  • I failed my 1st Psych test. And I studied for it too.
  • I finally got my card replaced, but what do know, no money for books.
  • Chris couldn’t write me.
  • Blame my fucking man-period, but I shed tears and wasted rolls of tissue over the guy after that dream.
  • As amazing as he is, crying over a guy is the stupidest fucking thing ever.
  • I got fucking cyberbullied over a simple mistake.
  • My history with bullying, in a way, traumatized me. Seeing those comments REALLY gets me butthurt about it.
  • I sent an apology to the guy I said that rude comment to. Guess what? No response. It’s been hours.
  • God, I’ve had the strongest faith in you. Please tell me you have a plan.

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