Our life is defined by references. Whether we like it or not, we always appropriate  of certain traits from other people which we consider to be beneficial. Mom, dad, friend or teacher, someone will act in a way that you’ll admire someday and automatically you’ll start learning from them. You my friend, just found yourself a mentor.

Someone to guide you through rough times, great emotional storms and moral dilemmas, the mentor plays a major role in your life. It is a great part of what defines your persona and mentality.

Ask yourself, do you have a mentor nowadays? Not just some image to base yourself on, someone you could really benefit from their prudent, and sensate decisions.

Once you find the right person, you’ll notice how much life has reserved for you. It’s all about looking, then getting your hands dirty. Now go, we can’t wait any longer for soft words dipped in sweet honey. Life awaits.


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