I’m fucking sick of this shit.

Every time my sister tells me that if I don’t do my chores before she gets home, my mom will get mad.

Haha, well, bitch, if she finds out you drink and smoke every other fucking weekend, you would probably be in my place.

Seriously, I’m fucking sick of the one being bagged on because I don’t do my chores.

And even when I do my chores, I get fucking yelled at for forgetting to vacuum one little corner of my room or that I accidentally put some clean clothes in the dirty pile.

What the fuck? Seriously?

And just because of those MINUSCULE mistkes, my mom has literally told me that she wants me to leave the house.

Or that she wishes I was never born.

Or that I won’t be able to go to a good school.

Or that I’d be stuck in community college forever.

Or that I should be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis instead of her.

Or that she wants me to live with my dad instead.

I’m not kidding. She’s literally told me ALL of this shit.

I know she has a HORRIBLE disease, and I care for her. But that doesn’t mean she has to FUCKING take out her stress on me.

I can’t stand it.


When she tells me that I should live with my dad instead, you have no idea how much I’d rather live with him than with her.

And when she tells me that she wants me out of the house, you got NO idea how much I want to leave the house too.

I’m sick of this shit.

Another reason why I don’t wanna stay in community college for one more semester is because I’d be stuck here.


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