I suck. LMAO.

  • Twinklyfingers – In a relationship with the girl he liked since the 2nd grade. Still going strong. Crush-Status: OVER IT.
  • DaFAACK! – Single, but not into guys. Goes to SJSU, about 20-30 minutes away from home. Crush-Status: RECURRING.
  • Shakapidgin – In a relationship for 2 years, still going strong. In the MOTHERFREAKING army. Cool with gays/bisexuals, but not one himself. My homeboy. Crush-Status: Still there.
  • DaMoann – Single. Same school as him. See him everyday, have 2 classes with him. My homeboy. Everybody I know questions him. Chance? Uh.. Crush-Status: Getting stronger.
Oh wait. I forgot to mention.
It has been reported that he has a crush on one of our fellow classmates/friends.

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