Jeez, guys.

Every single guy I dance with is straight. And they know I’m into guys.

But they don’t know how fucking confused I am. I haven’t told them yet.

But what I’ve noticed is that sometimes they REALLY try to avoid gay jokes.

Like, they would say shit like “Oh that’s really ga— I mean…”

Or “You guys look like a gay couple!” then someone else would be like “Shh!”

I mean, SHIT. I make gay fucking jokes all the time.

You guys know me. I say faggot, you guys say faggot, we don’t give fucks, AND we make fun of gay people.

On top of that I’m not even gay. I’m fucking confused.

I really don’t give a fuck if they make gay jokes, cause I make them too.

It makes them look insecure around me.

And that makes me insecure being around them.

I mean shit, just drop that shit. Idgaf >.>

Make gay jokes around me, I won’t fucking care LOL.


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