Day 3

Finally used to taking cold showers in a dry weather, I began to understand some intentions of this day challenge. Perception of time being the major factor in role here.

This afternoon I was watching a girl practicing tennis with her teacher for quite a long time while eating my daily portion of fruit. And what felt like 20 minutes of watching, was only half of it. If I find that girl practicing again I’ll go downstairs and watch from a closer view. Really, I found myself enjoying it quite a lot. Anywhoozle, to the objectives!

Cold Shower: Check, and I got used to it. This’ll be a piece of cake.

Stranger Talk: A friend of a friend of mine while she was filling her water bottle. Really, I need to stop doing this.

Toe nails: Free from biting since November 20th, 2012.

Long held belief to be changed: Exacerbated Optimism

Before I thought being optimistic was more important than several other things. I realized that such thing is being reckless just like some people I used to hate are. Realism is important for this matter, since it allows one to ponder their options without being blinded by their own feelings as well.

Lying: So far so good, just hope no one finds out I can’t lie for 30 days.

Accomplishment for when I’m 21: I wish I’ll already be working in a firm or at least have traveled to Istambul. Gotta visit my friend Talya over there.

Well, till tomorrow!

Btw, fuck women coughing cancer beside you on the bus :c


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