Been a while.

Sup guys.

I hardly believe that you still read this blog. But it for sure have memories.

I practically spent my high school years with you guys. In a way, we kind of grew up with each other.

But now we’ve grown.

I remember talking about the days where we would finally drift away from each other because it was so easy. All we had to do was let the internet go.

And, it happened. Hah.

Let’s not be negative, though. We have memories.

Now it’s time to let go.

I’ve finally grown up and matured.

I found myself through the Polynesian culture. I don’t need to be confused about who I am or what I want to do with myself anymore.

I also found who my true friends were. You guys were definitely a big part of my high school days, however, since college, I finally found friends in the real world. Relationships closer you can ever imagine.

I hope that you guys are doing well right now. I know I am. Haha.

Trust me, letting go isn’t always bad. But I can’t say I don’t miss you guys.

Malama pono, guys.

Me ke aloha pumehana.


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