A cycle of yes and noes.

I just realized how important it is to read and write over here to remind myself of my past events and past being.

It feels as if I were torn apart, put together and all that happened before was naught. I really don’t know how to react to my past memories. Suddenly, they’ve become more surreal than ever and the fact that I’ve conducted such way of living is merely turning itself into fantasy.

Weird, I always looked at myself as if I’m the one able to bring fantasy to reality. Meanwhile I’m turning past reality into fantasy, just by creating a method of recovering some lost shards of our story.

I miss those times. They made me feel alive, and be as open as I could be with my own self. Though I felt like I also had to reprimand myself in order to maintain some of my relationships, it felt really free.

I feel really free right now, but I wish I can regain some of that old spirit. That Unkz-ey way of living, oh so carefree.

It’s been quite a while since I last said this, so I think another reminder wouldn’t hurt.

Miss you guys.



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