Damn it, I’m a living mess.

I’ve yet to notice whether or not it brings me to a point of change.

You know I’m just walking around like usual, trying to make amends

And she just had to show up didn’t she.

Jesus, what is the matter with me? Running away from people?

I know I do have my wishes to be alone sometimes, but why the hell

does it always have to be like this with parties?

Eda actually showed me, why is it so easy for me to bond with her

and so hard to bond with those around me that matter  A LOT?

This dipping, and attempting to go and just not going for it.

I’m wondering whether I went crazy or not. Because from outside

I’m pretty sure I’d find myself to be nuts.

Well fuck me. I’m quite frustrated at myself right now, so whomever

sees this and knows who the fuck I am, please buzz me. I’d probably

have a couple of words spared for anyone who does.




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