I’ve learned how hard it gets to let go of things. 

However, what bothers me is the way I did so. 

In the process of doing so I became… unattached. It’s become hard to attach to someone else. Not that I don’t, but it certainly has become harder to do so. 

My mind has unlearned the ways of relating to others, such in a way I find myself to have become once more, lonely. 

Yes, I’m lonely. 

But weirdly enough, 

that’s what I wish for, 

while at the same time, 

what I don’t. 

So it’s decided, I’ve always been twisted like this, haven’t I? 

Even when I was around you guys.

Amazing how being distant to people does that to us, but if anything, I was very close to you. 

That’s the harder thing to process. 

Why, even if we had such good times together I had such a hard time involving myself with all of you? 

One part of it was culture, but I managed to skip that over. I’d watch and listen what you had. And we’d have some weird moments whenever I brought forth some of our references, and so many precocious Brazilian Memes. 

I was probably like this the whole time. 

Looking back now, we just didn’t give a shit. That’s the problem isn’t it? Thinking too much? 

I just need to go and do it.

Even if it places me into uncomfortable situations.

I mean that’s how I met all of you, didn’t I? 

Thanks for the good times. 

… Or like godbedamned fall out boy would say it:thanksfthemmrs.

Oh fuck, kill me please HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 



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