Day 03 — Amree’s Favorite TV Show .

Kay so now I gotta post two posts in a row because MY MOM DIDN’T LET ME ON THE COMPUTER. She keeps thinking I download things and cause viruses, so, once again she wiped out all the computer’s data, programs, pictures, my files, photoshop, and everything was lost. So, ouch. She could atleast ask permission so I can email the important files to myself. I don’t download things anymore though, besides photoshop and msn. but that’s really it. And I doubt those cause viruses. She’s just overreacting. Really, she did. Andy complained he closed a window and doesn’t know the site address so he couldn’t go back and she immediately assumed the computer was ruined.

Moving on, My favorite TV show? That’s pretty easy. Of course it’s…


Love the characters, the comedy is great, the atmosphere of the show is just cheering to me, and hell, George Lopez is such a bro.

This show actually cheers me up. I don’t really laugh at much things or with comedy shows, but this is one that can get me laughing really loud. And I can relate to George Lopez’ family so well.

I would agree with Lexie, that ‘I Love Lucy’ is also a favorite of mine. But George Lopez wins the case.


Day 03 – Mint’s Favorite Television Program

Well, most T.V. shows are completely different, so I can’t choose just one.

My favorite game shows are Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Match Game.

My favorite sitcom is That 70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Sanford and Son, and All in the Family (Probably my favorite T.V. show. Archie Bunker is <3.)

My favorite cartoons are Spongebob, or most cartoons from the 90s. (Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ed Edd n Eddy, Chalkzone, Power Puff Girls, etc.)

My favorite adult cartoon is South Park, for the simple fact that they make fun of EVERYONE.

I like Glee, too, but IDK if that should go in sitcoms, or not. Whatever.