bonnie’s embarrassing moments

i meant to do this earlier. 8D /fails

1– I just spelled my own name wrong writing that title, along with many many sad typos/bad writing when I was learning. (FROM MY ENTIRE LIFE.)

2– Whenever I look back at how I acted just years ago.

3– Once I didn’t know the teacher’s name. I really had to pee but because I didn’t know what to call the teacher, to keep being polite or something, I just sat there quietly peeing my pants. I eventually got her name. D< (In Kindergarten.)

4– My family went to this huge annual yard sale thing and while I was looking at stuff I thought my dad was still by me, so I was talking and talking about such random stuff to a strange guy who stared at me like I was crazy. 8D (I was 8 or something.)

5– More than once I’ve went up to get awards in front of classmates and fell. Then one more fancy important award I had to stand at the front for a little bit for pictures, my little brother jed (I think he was 3 then?) ran up from where my parents were sitting to the front to hug me. Most people was all like “D`AWWW” but I’m standing there like “OMGGTFOJED.” (Ten years old?)

6– Once in temple/church/chapel/THAT ONE PLACE FOR RELIGIONS we had to sit down like crisscross for chanting and praying for buddha or some crap (we don’t go that often k ;_;.) I didn’t even notice my leg was got numb and when I got up, it just gave out and I fell, knocking over the guy next to me then he knocked the next guy over, who knocked over the last girl. I STARTED SUM DOMINOES. (Two years ago I think.)

loooooool, k. I gave six `cause mint and unkz did.

btw that also reminds me, unkz spelled embarrassment wrong in his post title. Missed an r, madame engrish.


Unkz’ Embarassing moments. 8D.

So like, yeah. I’ll do this because I’m eager to post something like that here cuz of mint’s post, and I want to see everyone’s embarassing moments too so yeahh 8D.

1. When I was 4-5 I used to hit my head against the wall to get high. LOL
2.  On 5th grade, my backpack with those wheels y’know ran over my teacher’s foot and she broke a toe. .__.
3.  While riding a bike, I got hit by a tricycle and broke my arm. Then my friends were like dude why didn’t you get out of their way? Because I had just learned how to ride a bike.(I was 12. .__.) LOL

4. In class, the teacher asked me to read a line of the book and this girl said: I like having classes, but when I said it, it was like this: It seems like there are people who still like to have classes.
5. When I had to carry my bed on the street, for like 5 mins. It was crowded. And I wore my PJs. I was still a kid. PJs are sad. I sleep only wearing my underwear now.

6. LAST but the funniest. I don’t know if its a dream, but yeah. Here I was PLAYING with myself, and my dad catches me doing that in the middle of the night. Again, it might be a dream. Still embarassing though. LOL

Mint’s Embarrassing Moments

I’m just going to post these for no reason. You can post your embarrassing moments, too, or just comment on it.

1. I peed my pants like five times in kindergarten because there were only two bathroom stalls, and the doors wouldn’t close.
2. I ran up and hugged a lady because I thought she was my grandmother.
3. I tied my shoelaces to my wrist and couldn’t get it off when I was in 1st grade, so my Teacher had to cut the shoelaces off while everyone in my class laughed at me.
4. In one of the wavy pool things, I lost my floaty at the very end of the pool, and some weird man had to carry me to the shore because the lifeguards couldn’t see me.
5. I was yelling really loud because they were doing loud construction work next door, and they stopped abruptly, but I kept yelling. Needless to say, everyone stared at me because I was screaming.
6. I trip and fall in places with carpet or tile surfaces.

Most of these are from when I was 8 and under, except for 5 and 6.