Aurora Borealis

With the chance of sounding emo, I wanted to show you guys the Aurora Borealis, or The Northern Lights, as it’s more commonly known.

This is going to sound very corny, but every time I see something beautiful in nature, it always makes me stop and think, “Hey, maybe life isn’t so bad, after all.”

Yeah, that was just something that piques my interest every time I think about it, and I really don’t have much else to talk about except that school is almost starting.


Lol, what.

Seems like I’m the one that posts late at night huh?
Well ok, since school’s at night right now, I’ll probably post late at night here so yeah(like I used to do that on the last one, but yeah who cares. LOL)
Fun, but stressful night at school. Tonight, we were focused on two things: the geography test, and the physics project due friday, and yeah. Right on D-day, we lost the sheet of paper that had all the info we needed to make the graphics, and then just yeah, we went apeshiet because of that.
Well let’s see, for the happy part of the night, we had lot’s of jokes, pervy jokes, sometimes mocking the teacher, helping my friend with the test on this question, and yeah, talking about stupid shit on break.
Just yeah, tomorrow(more like today, 2:25AM) I’ll have to get my haircut D8..

But yeah, I hope I don’t screw it up this time, otherwise I’m fucked, I won’t be able to go to my friend’s sweet sixteen… D8.
So, all I wanted to say is, no matter what, stay calm. If you get all worked up, you’ll lose the ability to think, making things even harder.
Always focus, and go for it. Find a solution for the problem.
And whatever happens, I’m sure you’ll be proud of yourself if you do that.

Rainy day, Sunny day.

Have you ever noticed how people mostly become sad, and feel alone when it’s raining? People feel sadder, and the place becomes silent. Older people always said that the rain was a sad weather, a calm weather. But, I don’t believe it. Rain can be thrilling, scary, exciting and it can make you really happy, and agitated. A rainy day could be a sunny day. You just have to be strong enough to make it be happy.


Well, here I am. Thinking about life, then I suddenly get egostabbed, like, heeeey he’s alone and stuff at breaks. I’m not alone, I guess I just can’t hang out with groups so much. So yeah, I just spend time with my friends, and then I just walk round while I listen to music, and then look around. Just because you’re alone at that time, doesn’t mean you’re lonely, and if things are really bad, vice versa.
I just wonder if I trust them enough, I don’t really know. I talk to them, but I’m not “me” around them. It just feels like that, I laugh, but many times I don’t really do.

Who can I trust? I guess this is what I’ll find out this year.