Day 02 — Bonnie’s Favorite Movie


My favorite movie is still Summer Wars. I don’t watch that many movies outside of recommendations and getting dragged to the theaters. lololol.

Is about some 17-year-old math genius named Kenji who sucks socially and spends most of his time on a cute virtual reality world called OZ. He gets asked by one of the most popular girls in his school or something, Natsuki, to accompany her to celebrate her great-grandma’s ninetieth birthday and to pose as her fiancé. (He didn’t know about the fiancé part when he agreed though) ANYWAY so he meets all of Natsuki’s family, which is a lot of relatives and most were… interesting? idk. At some point Kenji gets an e-mail with a long math code so he cracks it and returns it after literally an entire night of math. The next day it turns out OZ has been hacked and Kenji is a prime suspect because the real hacker, “Love Machine”, is using his account. In the real world everyone is getting screwed because the world depends on OZ for stuff like stoplights and water systems. Kenji is screwed too having to fix all this but he’s at least getting help by all of Natsuki’s family. The movie goes on and [spoiler]Natsuki comes around and wins against Love Machine by betting accounts and playing hanafuda.[/spoiler]

I LIKE THIS MOVIE A LOT. Because It has some MMO world in it and looks pretty, really. Oh and there was Kazuma who I didn’t mention BUT HE WAS COOL…
hi now have a picture.