Day 01 — Amree’s Favorite Song .

Alright, So I don’t know if this counts. Wait, yeah, screwyou, it does. wtf.  For some reason I’ve just been into the instrumental music and such.

I like feeling relaxed. And this is just the song that helps me with that. I listen to it almost everyday, and at some point of the day I’m in a state of feeling calm. And well, when I need to cool off I listen to this.


Day 01 — Bonnie’s Favorite Song

At first I was just gonna pick blindly off my music folder, but then I remembered I actually do have a favorite song. lolol. SO…

My favorite song’s 童話 (Tong Hua) by Guang Liang (Fairy Tale by Michael Wong).
Most of my music is lolpop, alt. rock, electronica, dance, random songs that don’t really have a category and I don’t really have that many slow songs hurrr. This is one of the few slow ones.
IT’S SO SWEET AND MAKES ME HAPPY BUT REALLY SAD AT THE SAME TIME… ;_; sad romance stuffs wut. I always see that it’s like super popular anywhere with asians. lol

Anyway here’s the music video… which kinda is sad too:

No written-out lyrics because it’s all in mandarin and I’m too lazy to translate or find a translation. THERE’S ENGLISH SUBTITLES IN THE VID, ANYWAY.

Day 1 – Jed’s Favorite Song.

I’ve been currently addicted to this song ;O

Idina Menzel’s voice is AMAZINGLY powerful O_O Listen to those belts at the end O__O And her harmonies with Kristen Chenoweth O___O OHMYGOSH!


I’m also planning on seeing Wicked with some friends :D Hopefully I can ;D!

And. Since no one said I can’t have 2 favorite songs … :D


Yea. Demi Lovato :] Gotta love her. She’s my inspiration and one of my favorite artists :D

Even though this song wasn’t written by her (because it was for her show D: She writes all her songs, so don’t hate ;__; ) it’s one of my favorites. I LOVE this song cause, seriously, every time she comes out with a new song, her voice just becomes more and more powerful. It’s like amazing ;__;