College is so fffing difficult @_@

I REALLY can’t decide my major.

I’m starting to lean towards Film and Animation now LOL.

It sounds hella fun to make indie films, and be in them. It would be fucking amazing to make a film, and/or even star in it, and present it in a Film Festival (which thankfully Hawai’i has @___@)

But, can I get a job making films strictly in Hawai’i? .___.

What other jobs can I get with a Film Degree? @__@ (Btw, in UHManoa, a film or animation degree would be called a Creative Media major.)

I mean, I know for sure a teaching job doesn’t really require you to have a degree in that specific subject, because my current math teacher was a ZOOLOGY major, and (I mentioned this before LOL) there’s a PE teacher in my high school that was an ENGLISH major.

Then I started thinking about the other subjects I like, but didn’t take into consideration for majoring.

Like, zoology.

I LOVE learning about animals. I still have those ZooBooks from when I was a kid, and I remembered I could never take my eyes off of them when I was a kid.

If I knew about zoologist jobs in Hawai’i, I probably would major in it. More than likely, it’ll be like 3rd to last on my list.

On my last resort list, this one’s at the top.

Thing is, it might get in the way when go for that Dance Ethnology degree in graduate school, since that needs Anthropology classes. At least Ethnic Studies can be relevant to Anthropology.

Speaking of Anthropology, I looked into the major requirements and courses for it, too.

I mean, I like Anthropology, but not LOVE it, and only specific parts of it. Like cultural Anthropology.

I don’t wanna learn about archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, etc. They don’t interest me @_@

Then I started looking into the music section just for the hell of it and found out they have a major for Hawaiian Music LOL.

Then I looked at the course list, and shit. It sounds hella sick LOL.

It involves Hula Kahiko, chants, and Tahitian ensembles as part of their courses LOL.

But since it’s a music major, it also requires music theory, music history, and recitals. Out of the fucking picture, brehbreh LOL.

If I had this much of a passion for music, I would be set for this LOL.

Then I started looking into Psychology, cause I always thought it sounded cool.

I mean, the subject IS pretty cool, it’s just it doesn’t interest me as much as other things. Zoology interests me more ;/

After that, I looked more into the dance major.

I was hoping I could major in dance and avoid taking Ballet and Modern dance technique classes, but I can’t @_@

But dance majors can format their electives to have a certain concentration, and it can be ethnology. But I still can’t avoid the technique classes LOL.

I mean, shit ;__; Can’t I major in dance with a focus on Tahitian and Hula? ;___; Or even Hip Hop? ;_;

I seriously would be dead set on majoring in dance if it said something like “[insert number here] of credits in any of the available technique courses, from Tahitian, Hula, Hip Hop, Ballet, or Modern.”

motherfuck. MOTHER-OF-FUCK. HAWAI’I, WHYYY? ;__;

Then there’s that “design-your-own-major”-Interdisciplinary-studies major thing in my last post you guys probably missed LOL.

That’s a possibility LOL.

Then I found a fashion degree, but I never noticed it cause it’s called “Apparel Design and Merchandising.”

Meh. Fashion’s aiight, not something I’d wanna career in. Plus, the fashion world’s really snobby LOL.

And if I would major in Fashion, I probably wouldn’t go to school for it in Hawai’i. I’d go to FIDM if I WERE to major in it, which is highly unlikely LOLOL.

Ugh. This is difficult LOL.

I think I just added zoology to my possible major list now. Which makes my decision harder ;___;


Interdisciplinary Studies Major …?

While I was looking through UH Manoa’s site to see what other majors they offered, I found Interdisciplinary Studies.

I just thought Interdisciplinary Studies were just courses about random shit, and I didn’t know they offered a major in it >.>

So the site says that if you choose to major in interdisciplinary studies, you talk with a counselor and “formulate your own major.”

So, I’m thinking it’s like a “design-your-own-major” thing?

It says that you talk with a special advisor, and you choose a focus, then put together classes from the catalog to create an equivalent of a major.

Then you submit a proposal letter to a staff member, and if it’s approved, you just designed your own major.

If it’s what I’m thinking, then I could “design” a Dance Ethnology major. Or something else along the lines of the shit I wanna do LOL.

I would probably do this, it’s just that I’m worried that my degree will appear as an “Interdisciplinary Studies” Degree, and that sounds horrible @__@

It sounds like I majored in nothing, and just chose that cause I didn’t know what shit to do.

If my degree will appear as a Dance Ethnology degree if I do this, and no one will know that I did a fucking Interdisciplinary Studies major shit, then I’m fucking set.

I need some comments about this. Guys? ;_;

And if anybody else happens to read this, do you know anybody who’s done this before? .__. Sounds so confusing. Will the degree appear as an Interdisciplinary Studies degree? Or will it be the title you chose your concentration on? D:

god. I always seem to get random comments from random people on my pointless shit, but never for the shit I need help with LOL.



This is so fucking difficult.

There are literally like no jobs available for someone with an Ethnic Studies degree.

I even heard about some guy majoring in Latin American studies, and his classes connected with Anthropology, PoliSci, History, and Language, but his degree doesn’t specifically say that, and he has a really hard time getting a job.

I don’t wanna go through that LOL.

I might stay away from Ethnic Studies. jewkla;jdsklfjasdfklj.

Then there’s Pacific Island studies with the same problem.

Then there’s Hawaiian Studies (which I won’t major in unless I somehow find out I’m like some part Hawaiian LMFAO) which more than likely has the most career outcomes in Hawai’i than any of my other major choices. A BA in Hawaiian Studies might not sound like much, but trust me, in Hawai’i, the careers are enormous.

In the mainland, a major in Hawaiian Studies may be a little more useless, but in Hawai’i, it can be really useful.

Fuck. @_@

Then Film and Animation come in, and I can’t stay in Hawai’i with those jobs.


My sister’s friend Manny explained that there was a P.E teacher in my school (NOTE IT FUCKING SAYS P.E. PHYSICAL. EDUCATION.) and he was a major in English. ENGLISH.

So I’m thinking whatever the fuck I major in, I can be whatever teacher >.> But idk adult-job-world, so I’m not taking that risk. That’s WAY too big of a risk LOL.


The only “good” degrees out there in the whole fucking college world that are worth it are fucking Engineering, Medical, Business, and Law degrees. Fuck all that shit. FUCK IT.

I feel like my only hope is dance. Or to suddenly become fucking Hawaiian LMFAO.


With dance, I can become a dance teacher, but since I’m a late bloomer, it’s hard for me to get enough experience to teach. Plus, I probably won’t even get paid all that much unless I fucking co-own the studio or someshit.

Ugh. aldfj;aeklfjadsl;fj.

Ethnic Studies major, high school/middle school art teacher, and dance teacher on the side? @____@

Is that my plan? @_______@ Ohmygod. why.

Or maybe I can serve fucking tables until I find a good enough job. lsdkfja;lewjfa;dskljg.

This is all types of bad. I’m like desperate for help. I needa talk to my academic counselor LOL.

Or if ANYBODY comes along this post, comment. And help. Please @____________@

Deciding my major part 2. LOL.

I’m trying to see what I like and don’t like and things I wanna try out to help me find what I should major in.

The subjects I like:

  • Cultural/Ethnic stuff.
  • Mainly studies on the people of the Pacific, mainly Polynesia LMAO.
  • Life science. I like Anthropology, and it connects with cultural stuff. And Zoology. But keep me away from Biology LOL. Except for maybe Marine Biology.
  • Dance, but I’d prefer a minor in it.
  • Art, but fuck majoring in it LOL.
  • Culinary.
  • Languages.
Subjects I wanna try out:
  • Sociology sounds cool.
  • Communications too.
  • Psychology.
  • Filipino studies ;O
  • Peace studies.
  • Family resources.
Subjects I fucking hate :] LOL:
  • American History is fucking torture ;_; (Except maybe for studies on Native Americans, but that’s kinda different LOL)
  • I’ve never taken PoliSci, but it sounds like jailtime to me ;__;
Yeahh LOL.

So I can just kinda combine a couple of subjects to find something.

So there’s:

  • Dance-Ethnic/Cultural – for Dance Ethnology
  • Cultural/Ethnic-Anthropology-Pacific Studies – for Pacific Island Studies.
  • Ethnic/Cultural-Languages – for Linguistics.
  • Filipino studies-Ethnic/Cultural-Languages – for Philippine Language and Literature.
  • Communications-Zoology – TALKING WITH ANIMALS FUCK YEAH. okayno LOL.

Luckily, UH Manoa DOES offer a degree for Dance Ethnology.

The thing is, they only offer a MASTER’S Degree for Dance Ethnology, so that’s out of the picture.

If you don’t know about Master’s Degrees, they’re for college graduates. It’s optional, but if you do want one, you have to go back to school for a couple more years and get one. ;O

Then after a Master’s, you can get a Ph.D.

I’m considering going to graduate school at UH Manoa for the Dance Ethnology degree though :]

After that, there’s Pacific Island Studies.

You know me and my Pacific Island studies LOLOL.

I’m considering it, but the courses don’t sound as interesting as the courses in Ethnic Studies.

Then comes Linguistics.

It sounds hella interesting, cause instead of actually learning the language, you learn ABOUT the language.

I’m considering it, but it’s probably the last on my list.

Philippine Language and Literature sounds pretty interesting too, but like Linguistics, it’s one of the lasts on my list as well.

I’m kinda considering Marine Biology, but once again, what would I do with it? LOL.

Maybe a minor in it would be more suited for me, but I’m already minoring in Dance LOL. They don’t offer a minor in Marine Biology either LOL.

So my top ones are Ethnic Studies and Pacific Island Studies.

I like both so far, but right now, I’ll give myself time to decide LOL.

If anybody from UH Manoa is somewhere out there on WordPress, could you give me some recommendations to help me decide? ;_;

I REALLY need help D: (Read the previous post, too)

So, like I said in my previous post, I planned out 2 different schedules, one chill and the other intensive.

I REALLY can’t decide which schedule I should take, and I have until Monday to decide, cause that’s when I register.

Ugh, it’s SOO hard ;___; cause each schedule has their pros and cons ;_;

So far, I only got Bonnie’s opinion and Daphy’s opinion D:

Bonnie said intensive for a faster transfer, and Daphy said chill for the personal benefits.


EDIT: My sister said I should take the intensive one. She didn’t state a reason why, but I’m guessing she said that because I’ll move on to higher math classes faster.

Chill schedule:


  • Class starts at 9 and 9:30 depending on the days, which means I’ll be able to get more sleep/rest. Which means more energy throughout the day, and I’ll be able to have breakfast LOL.
  • An hour-to-hour-and-a-half-long lunch break at a better time (imo, at least LOL) from 10:30-12 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and 11-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • I’ll be taking a slower-paced math class because my stupid ass placed in a low level math >_> Which means, I’ll be taking an extra semester to be able to reach a transferrable college-level math class. Aka, slower transfer. The worst part is that I took the same math in my freshman year of high school >.> So I’ll be wasting my time there.
  • Longer day overall. I’ll be done with classes at 2 everyday. So I have no idea when I’ll be able to go to Super Circuit (our open gym class LOL) with my friends (which we planned out LOL). But if you think about out, 2’s still pretty early LOL. I mean high school ended at 2:45 for me LOL.
Intensive Schedule:
  • I’ll be able to transfer faster, because I’ll be taking a faster-paced condensed math class.  I won’t think it’ll be THAT hard, since I already took it in high school, but you never know ;/ It’s 2 math classes squeezed into one semester, so I’ll be moving on really fast. Then by the time 2nd semester comes, I’ll be taking the transferable math class. Which means, Hawai’i will be closer. Biggest contribution to why I want to take this schedule.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays end at 12. So that means I’ll have extremely short days there, and if possible, I’ll have a better time criteria to take Super Circuit with my friends.
  • Since my days start off at 8, I’ll be getting a LOT less sleep than usual. Then I’ll be taking an intensive/condensed math classes, and I’m not sure if I’ll work well if I’m not getting sleep. I estimated the time on when I should wake up, and I might need to wake up by 6 or 6:30 everyday. 30 minutes to get ready, 15 minute walk to the Bart station, 5 minutes to get a ticket, 5 minute Bart ride, then a 7-8 minute walk to school. On top of that, I’ll be dancing by the end of the day, and I won’t be able to put all of what I got if I’m sleepy as fuck. Biggest contribution to why I DON’T want to take this schedule .__. It balances out with the faster transfer.
  • My stupid ass most likely won’t sleep early everyday, and chances are, I’ll be late a lot. Everything comes back to my sleep schedule LOL.
Could you guys help me out? ;__; I REALLY can’t decide.