thank god they mail a schedule change request form with it

sup guys.

I got my schedule for my sophomore year in the mail today.

Right now it’s…

1st semester:

1st period: Latin II (for required foreign language– though I love it and I’ll be sticking with it all of high school)

2nd period: Health Science I (docta docta, give it to meeeee! …haven’t heard anything about this class really, but i’m actually pretty excited for it )

3rd period: Honors Algebra II (shoulda taken this freshie year, but it’s a-okay. it’s math.)

4th period:  Honors English II (heard it was mainly speeches. i got dis. )

2nd semester:

1st period: Horticulture I (LOLWTFNO. I’m requesting this to be swapped)

2nd period: Pre-Calculus (it’s math. ye.)

3rd period: Honors Civics and Economics (…I don’t know what to expect in this one)

4th period: Honors Chemistry (hell YES, perfect ending to my day omg)


I am pleased with the schedule.

Aside from the fact that I have horticulture in there, I mean really, what?

I had it as an alternative, yeah… like the fifth one down the line.

Psychology first, then  biotechnology (lol guess it got canceled/replaced), Ceramics, Anatomy&Physiology, Latin 3, and then… I don’t remember.



Apparently if I want to have my schedule changed before the first ten days of school, I should go to the student service office on August 9 or 10 from 8am-1pm.

These dates work for me though, since my school is on the way to the hospital and the hospital is holding a seminar  from 10am-12pm that I’m going to on the tenth. :D


now to decide just what to switch horticulture out with.

i mean, horticulture doesn’t sound too bad, but… I couldn’t go to that in the mornings and stay for 90 minutes, I COULDN’T.


also, when I switch out… all of this may or may not change, LOL.

it’ll be a nice surprise on august 25th, i guess.


hello school

ahklsjd;kfjd I’m totally loving my school man. >: hi here i’ll just randomly ramble about my life right now since i have some free time. just to have less unkz on the front page. gaiz it’s so busy everywhere. ;_;

MY SCHOOL BUS. My school bus finally has a normal amount of students on the bus and I can walk out to the bus stop at a good time. They put the middle schoolers on another bus (one of the newer school buses though, themluckyhoars). My bus driver finally got over first-week-bus-rage (idk) and she’s being better over everything. Except for the ones that can’t follow rules and then they get her nasty side. AHAHHAA.

Homeroom is absolutely nothing. It’s more like a meeting fifteen minutes right after first period for… actually I don’t even know what it’s for. dljflkdfjd i fail.

Gym/P.E. is so easy. We’re not timed when we change out (like fifteen minutes given to change man) and changing into gym clothes is optional in the first place. Also my talkative gym teacher Teller reminds me so much of my old health teacher. REALLY. Both are… in-their-ate-thirty males, are gym teachers, coach tennis, same height, same kinda outfits, and both are really funny. So alike I’ve already called him the wrong name twice. orz

My English class. Mrs Siemon (AHAHAHHAHA SEMEN) is really project-happy. Two projects already done with and another we have no clue about coming up next week. Reminds me of my teacher from last year, omg i wanna go on a field trip to Atlanta Georgia or somewhere for three days again. ;_; IT COULD HAPPEN, YENNO… IT COULD.

My art class is full of seniors there for easy credit, lolol. Yeahanyway my teacher there, Coach Rog, is nice too. Everyday it’s just a lesson, instructions, he goes on his computer to read the news and to let us do classwork/goof off. He hasn’t taken any grades yet, wut. Reminds me of my social studies teacher last year who only had test and project grades. WHAT’S WITH ME AND HAVING TRENDS IN SCHOOL!!?!?!11/

I have lunch after art. B LUNCH WWWWHHHY. It’s so late for me and I usually get hungry way back in English. 1:30-2:05 ftl. But B lunch is a lot less crowded than A lunch so I like it better then. School food is still meh. We usually end up eating the first ten minutes then wander the buildings afterward. ahahaahaha.

LAST CLASS OF THE DAAAY. Earth/Environmental Science. aaaalongnametotype. It’s so fun and easy. This teacher is lab-happy. We have an experiment to do almost every other day. lool. Other days are a mix of notes/videos/powerpoints to sit through. Thennn quizzes/tests to kill.

Then school’s over. EVERYDAY HAS BEEN GOING BY SO FAST. Also I know most names of classmates which is awesome for me. My closest friends scattered all over in my classes instead of just one period (lol my entire 6th grade story) with everyone is nice too.

I’M TOTALLY GONNA JUST BREEZE THROUGH THIS SEMESTER. Then when it’s over I’ll prolly be busier with… I think Latin I, Honors Geometry, Honors Biology, and Honors World History. YAAAAY.
AND NOW i gotta go sleep.

so i just watched my first ep of glee

What the crap did I just watch? LOL
Well Jed I bet you watch just because it has singing and dancing and GLEE.
…Unkz I don’t know why you do. wtfyoutranny.

I see this Sue character. I like her. AAHAHAHHAHAA.