Day 6 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (Jed)

Cause I love the movie.


Deep(Yes bonnie, deep) Poem e_o

Life is really interesting.

One day, it looks like a never ending poem,

the next one, looks like some drama movie.

Feels like anything, but real life.

Is that the so called…


Day 02 – Lexx’s favorite movie

For those of you who’ve known me long enough I’m sure you’ll know what my favorite movie is: The Lord of the Rings. Why? Because the story plot is amazing. Frodo bears the burden of this one Ring and now he’s on a journey to get rid of it by destroying the Ring in the fire of Mount Doom. First he’s accompanied with Sam and then meets others at Rivendell where the fellowship began. After realizing that the rings temptation is too strong for his companions to bear, Frodo decides to leave them and go to Mordor alone. Except Sam appears and tells him that his promise to Gandalf was to look after him. Frodo allows Sam to come with him and they continue their journey.

What stood out the most was the nature of the Ring. I’m too lazy to write it down myself, lol. I like how he/she explains the meaning of the Ring anyways.

I believe that the One Ring represents sin. Sauron represents the devil/Lucifer. Frodo feels the weight of the ring increase as he gets closer to Mount Doom, just as sin will feel heavier and heavier until you get rid of it. Also, Frodo grew more and more attached to it, and found it hard to get rid of it in the end, just as a person will begin to enjoy sin, and find it hard to leave the sinful life. The Ring began to consume Frodo’s world, until he could not even remember the things that he loved the most. Sin will also consume a persons world, until that sin is all that matters.

Day 02 — Amree’s Favorite Movie .

It would be ’50 First Dates’ Of course!

I remember watching this movie when I was about eleven years old, with my dad. It was adorable because I pictured them as the couple. We were all sitting on the couch watching it. Heck, added onto that, ADAM SANDLER. Any movie he’s in I usually watch. I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler. A very great comedian. This movie had a great mixture of romance and comedy, along with the parts that made me tear up. The movie had the typical womanizer protagonist, and that one girl who steals his heart and makes him change and so on. Quite unoriginal, but the plot itself was creative.

“Imagine having to win over the girl of your dreams… every friggin’ day.”


A very marvelous film. That’s right. I said it. ATLEAST I DIDN’T SAY FABULOUS ‘K. Romance comedies, yeahs.

Day 02 – Mint’s Favorite Movie

My favorite movie has always been Forrest Gump.

Most people have watched it, and if you have, you could probably tell why.

It was one of the movies that made me happy, and go “Ooh, Forrest Gump is on 8D!” Whenever I saw it on T.V., and I can watch it numerous times without it getting old.

Forrest was the most likable character in any movie I’ve ever seen. (Andy DuFresne is up there, too.)

He didn’t have any prejudices, didn’t hate anyone, protected Jennnaay, saved his troop in the war, got shot in the ass, was epic at ping-pong, taught Elvis how to dance, told JFK he had to pee, ran a shitload, made bumper stickers, made the smiley face t-shirt, and gave inspiration to John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

There’s a lot of stuff I missed, but really, how can you not like Forrest Gump?

Also, Shrimp.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This movie is based on a true story, which occurred in Japan at the shibuya train station. Except this movie was filmed in the U.S. Exceptional for a family video, I must warn you though it’s a tear-jerker. I did have a few tears when watching this but it’s still worth watching.

Hachi (the dog) is shipped from Japan to the U.S. A day after he appears at the train station and his cage falls off a cart and breaks allowing him to escape. That’s when Hachi begins to walk and stops to look at a professor named Parker. Parker notices that he has no owner and brings him to an employee that works at the train station. He asks if he could leave him here until an owner claims him but his response was that he could only leave him here for a day and the next day he would have to go the dog pound.

Parker felt bad to leave him so he brought him to his house and his wife wasn’t too happy when she found out. This movie is about a loyal dog that stays with his owner… [spoiler] until he dies [spoiler] It’s a very touching story. I also loved the music. :D