Oh the smelly tuna that feels like shit.

1608 hours and here I am at a cybercafe.

Ever felt like life’s trying to pull a prank on you?


Well at least I got to be a dead butler last saturday.

Yeaaaaah anyways, internet’s fucked up and here I am at this cybercafe trying to work on a project due thursday. AND OH LOOK A PICTURE OF THIS CUTE LITTLE THINGY I HAVE TO TALK BOUT:

omy I'd tap that.

You guys really don’t want one of those inside your intestines, it goes like “NOMNOM” and then sucks lots of nutrients out of your body and OH HEY ITS 20 METERS LONG!!!! (65 feet muh feluoys), and get ready to poop that shit up later it’s going to be paaaaainful.



Day 17 — Bonnie’s art piece

`eyyo my name is Soveri Lazi. AHEEHEHAHAHEE.
No, I skipped yesterday because I know of no songs.
and then today all you will get is…

It’s an art piece… ;_;.
And no it isn’t a feluoy. It’s too cool.

Day 09 — A photo Bonnie took

Well, I hit the button to make the timer go down, so I did take it. :D

I forgot I still had it up on my failfailfail Facebook because my friends like my face for some ungodly reason and it’d be cruel to take it off after not having a profile pic for… a year. LOL
This’ll be my day 11 picture too. Though I won’t post an actual Day 11 post since that’s a waste of pixels and I get tired of my own face too.