so hilariously bad. literally

I laugh at despair. I don’t know. Nothing really gets to me man, LOL.

If I’m angry, I’m only angry for like… nothing longer than an hour at most.


It’s late August. It’s time for SCHOOL.


EDIT: horyjunk this is longer than I thought I was typing, LOL SORRY.

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lol how…

THIS. THIS RIGHT NOW. It’s hitting me like a brick. :D


I just woke up.

It’s 8 AM.

…how did i even waht eevn iz lfie.



because this is just a half hour later than what I’d wake up for school with.

I didn’t even go to bed early last night.

I was busy mmo hoaring and went to bed at 3AM or something.


And then when I come here and see the blog’s dashboard, we have 599 published posts.

…we also had 666 including drafts… but with this I fixed that.

This one is the 600th published post.

Seems like it was a year since the 500th, because it probably was.


while I steal every milestone post, yupyup.

Well, maybe. LOL


Also my entire family is worse than me.

They’re all asleep still.

My little brother Jed is becoming me. He plays games on the internet ALL DAY (club pengiun lol), wakes up at like… lunchtime, and  goes to bed really late. HE’S 6, GOOD GOD.

Then my other little brother Edwin does whatever my dad does. Seriously he’d go to work with dad and do everything there too if he could. AND WHEN DAD IS NOT HOME, he’s like… being all engineer-y building dumb things like a house made of q-tips and playing cards (BOTH MINE, TYVM).

Gramps is awake at such funny hours. Everytime I venture into the kitchen, he’s there or some junk. LOL AND I GO TO THE KITCHEN LIKE EVERY FIVE HOURS. HOW…

Dad is asleep, was slowing my net down til 2AM downloading his illegally obtained movies. Movies of crappy china quality, cause yenno.

Mom is just… mom. SHE’S ACTUALLY BEEN AWAKE. She’s probably out on our back porch reading a book.




I don’t know where I was going with this post.


I have today and tomorrow to slack off entirely…


Dude I’m not ready.

I haven’t even gotten my bookbag ready or bought ANY school supplies…

maybe I should do that…

like, today.

for real.


Maybe I should go to bed at a good time too.

Especially since I woke up at EIGHT today.




i can’t help but count the number of days every single time

Every time I see the date I count how many more days are left until the 25th.


Yes I start the school year on August 25th.

It’s a Thursday this year.

Guys I don’t wanna go to school. ; ;

Summer was too short.


Or you know… she’s still gonna be here… yeah… just give it another week… again…



Ten more days before I drown in regular sleeping schedules and school-related activities.


/crey crey crey

hwo2plan lyfe

oh my god, am I really posting twice in ONE DAY?


Yeah I’ve been looking at school websites for the past… I don’t even know.

These last three weeks of summer break are going to go so fast now… ;-;.

Anyway now that I have my schedule and I kinda want horticulture OUT, I’ve been looking for possible replacements that will benefit my well-being.

(lololol i rly dk actually)


Psychology (numbah 1 choice, but I’m scared it’s already full and junk  ;_;)

Health Science II (depends when the class is, lolol, if it doesn’t work in, then maaaan.)

Digital Communication Systems (basically, you type and do office computer stuff… if everything else is bleh to me, WHY NOT, HAHAHHAA, you get free time with faster typing skills/better grades in the computer lab)

Ceramics (I fear this is already full too, but it’s lower on my list i guess it’s kay???)

Honors Anatomy and Physiology (they say you need a physical science done before this, so oops,  guess this will be done junior year after all)

Honors Biology II (…need chem done first, lololololol)

Special Interest Science (…idk, found it in the curriculum book, it’s basically Honors Biomedical Technology, but IT SAYS I NEED CHEM DONE TOO…)



oh and I sincerely wish the AP Psychology class was still in my high school.

Same with the regular Philosophy class.

I’d take them both, LOL.



…maybe Horticulture won’t be too bad.


lol seriously.

thank god they mail a schedule change request form with it

sup guys.

I got my schedule for my sophomore year in the mail today.

Right now it’s…

1st semester:

1st period: Latin II (for required foreign language– though I love it and I’ll be sticking with it all of high school)

2nd period: Health Science I (docta docta, give it to meeeee! …haven’t heard anything about this class really, but i’m actually pretty excited for it )

3rd period: Honors Algebra II (shoulda taken this freshie year, but it’s a-okay. it’s math.)

4th period:  Honors English II (heard it was mainly speeches. i got dis. )

2nd semester:

1st period: Horticulture I (LOLWTFNO. I’m requesting this to be swapped)

2nd period: Pre-Calculus (it’s math. ye.)

3rd period: Honors Civics and Economics (…I don’t know what to expect in this one)

4th period: Honors Chemistry (hell YES, perfect ending to my day omg)


I am pleased with the schedule.

Aside from the fact that I have horticulture in there, I mean really, what?

I had it as an alternative, yeah… like the fifth one down the line.

Psychology first, then  biotechnology (lol guess it got canceled/replaced), Ceramics, Anatomy&Physiology, Latin 3, and then… I don’t remember.



Apparently if I want to have my schedule changed before the first ten days of school, I should go to the student service office on August 9 or 10 from 8am-1pm.

These dates work for me though, since my school is on the way to the hospital and the hospital is holding a seminar  from 10am-12pm that I’m going to on the tenth. :D


now to decide just what to switch horticulture out with.

i mean, horticulture doesn’t sound too bad, but… I couldn’t go to that in the mornings and stay for 90 minutes, I COULDN’T.


also, when I switch out… all of this may or may not change, LOL.

it’ll be a nice surprise on august 25th, i guess.

Now I can’t wait for Anatomy&Physiology

I dissected a fetal pig today.

Before anyone says anything, the baby pigs were taken out of  pregnant pigs that sadly got bacterial infections because the mother would have died with the baby pig. BUT NO, they took it out for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS LIKE ME TO ENJOY.

Maybe not enjoy, just cut open and see its guts.


It was pretty awesome, man.

Makes me excited `cause my biology teacher told us that the Anatomy and Physiology class dissects CATS.

EVEN COOLER. I’ll be taking it probably my Junior year (or maybe next year, if doubling up on Latin fails). JUST TWO MORE YEARS, RRROOOAR.

I sound so crazy, wanting/enjoying cutting things open, but dude, it’s the inside of an animal… it’s so AWESOME. Just looking at it is like, WHOA.

I should’ve taken pictures, but I was too busy touching it.

But because SOCIAL NETWORKING is great, I have pictures someone else took and uploaded to their facebook. HAHAHA.

/has `em saved now


HERE is one before it was sliced open.

and HERE is after it.

(I saved your dinner by linking it)


If you eat meat, you should not have problems looking at those.

Hell, that could’ve been your brekkie, broscoes.


HELLO SPRING BREAK, I’m having a very nice time so far.

It feels nice to have no work for now.

….I do have projects due the week after we come back from Spring Break though.

This is my break though. :c So, I’m USING IT AS I SEE FIT. Which means I’ll be sleeping, gaming, and screwing around like a person should.

Anyway, I remembered to do Day of Silence yesterday. I did earn a zero on a class assignment and lost someone who was supposedly a “friend.” But I feel good about why both of those things happened. I know someone who’s super religious, religious enough to say homosexuality is a sin. She questioned why I wasn’t talking, so I write a note saying “it’s day of silence– a day for silence to protest bullies to gay/lesbian peeps” or something. Then she goes off about how stupid that is, and how stupid gay people are. Then she goes ahead and assumes I’m one of those ‘stupid lesbians.’ Even though she knows I’m not a lesbian. I walked away at that point, `cause I was really about to punch her. She’s obviously not my friend anymore, so I’m glad. Friday morning I promised myself I’d stay silent the ENTIRE day, because there’s a good feeling around it. So for the zero, we were having a Socratic Seminar, and our teacher said it was a grade to participate, as in talking actively. I wrote her a note it was my choice to do DOS, but she still wanted me to talk too. But I figured it’s okay if I get that little zero on that one assignment because everything else I have in World History was a 100. Then I even managed getting around the lunch line, `cause normally you have to tell the cashier’s your student number, I just used my school ID and the cashier ID scanner. ;D A lot of people did Day of Silence at my school. (Okay, they were basically all in drama, art, JROTC, or one of my convinced buddies LOL, BUT THAT WAS LIKE, A LOT OF PEOPLE.)

I was happy.


lol dude there were mini tornadoes ripping up parts of the city. I kinda just slacked off at a friend’s house. My friend found their old gamecube though, so we popped in games and played all day, OLD SCHOOL.

And now I’m at home, typing this.

I think I’m try some new mmo over spring break.

After this week, I’ll only have five more weeks of school before SUMMER BREAK.

I thought that was extremely fast.

It really is, isn’t it?