• 17. Going on 18. October 26 :D
  • California. Wish I were in Hawai’i. ;_;
  • Filipino. ;O
  • Beginner Tahitian Dancer. I just started, and I’m LOVING it :D
  • Artist and an actor on the side. Kind of losing interest in both, sadly. And as you can see above, I’m starting to GAIN interest in dance :D
  • 1st year of community college at CCSF.
  • Striving my ASS off for University of Hawai’i at Manoa. D: i’m hopelessly undecided for my major though. a;skldjfa;lsdgj
I’m pretty big on lists when it comes to describing me. So why not? :D
  • I draw and paint as a hobby. ;O I posted some paintings and drawings before, so yeah. Search for them if you’re curious LOL.
  • At first I wanted a career in acting or animation, but now, I don’t even know anymore. I got pretty bored (ORFUCKINGSICKOFIT) after AP art and Drama Club.
  • Kinda an aspiring dancer. I kinda want a side career in dance, like teaching a class or opening a studio. ;O Yeah :D I like Tahitian and Hula ;O Hip hop kinda too xD
  • Kyle Hanagami’s my biggest dance inspiration. Although I wanna do more with Hula and Tahitian than hip hop, he’s still my biggest dance inspiration ;___; Mainly because he started pretty late (like at 18) and got this far D: When I get good enough in hip hop, I wanna take one of his classes. Or more than one. Yeah :D
  • The Merrie Monarch Competition is my biggest hula inspiration ;O Everybody that’s danced in the competition seem so professional, it’s amazing ;__; It’s my fucking goal to be able to compete in Merrie Monarch ;_;
  • My sister told me about Manahere, which is a Tahitian solo competition. You get to choose your own drum beat, and choreograph your own piece and be able to add your own style to it, and that sounds fun as hell. Right now, it’s a pretty small goal. But it’ll help me out with choreography. ;O
  • My biggest Tahitian dance goal is to be able to compete/dance in Tahiti. I have only ONE chance to take, and I REALLY wanna take it. The group I joined is going to Tahiti next July to compete, and I really wanna be able to dance there.

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