A null game.

Numbness that pulls you sideways,

Postive and negative,

All at the same time.

Acting as if we were modulo,

but neither caves,

neither results.

Both make possible,

a way to represent

just how about how much

this zero sum game is doing

with me, with us.

perhaps there will be no stalemate.

perhaps will be no status quo.

perhaps we’ll be the result of actions and reactions to insanely unique and also dim people.

cognition won’t do,

heart must take over

I must take over

you must take over

we must take over

and life, remains incognito.


I’ve noticed a change in quality.

Some feeling that resembles a tide change, however more subtle. I believe it would be a half step towards one.

This change in quality showed up last night with a move in spiral, a move that landed upon me via observing a somewhat boring landscape.

Looking at these people, they exchange and relate closely to each other, however, is it always a mutual exchange?

Looking at this, made me think whether or not people realize how much those few words they’ve shared,

Clear or clot up their evening.


Neste ciclo de reminiscências…

O que nos empurra adiante?

Doravante, lembremos de tudo o que nos propiciou felicidades

Adelante, recuperemos vontades que de pouco abaixaram sua flamula

Mais em frente, salvaguarde seus momentos e pensamentos mais significativos

Para que de modo andante



As vezes repentante

Mas nunca estante,


ou hesitante

de caminhar sempre.

Caminhar pra longe

ou para perto.

Caminhar pra frente é para qualquer lado,

desde que o lado consiga com seus passos

mostrar a luz do novo,

em contraste com o agora.


Ever fleeting

Mostly dismissing

Concurring thoughts

That mingle and dangle

at the mindset of being.

And yet,

Oh but yet.

Yet have I got to see

Such lightness of being


or treading such ways.

This was a path to tread alone

And yet, how come it never came to?

In transit. 


In transition 


Change is a never ending format

I’ve changed to the point I’m delusional about who I am. 

I can’t keep track of me inside me. 

And I can’t keep track of others inside me. 

Is that what it means to become so independent? To the point individuality stands for itself and nothing else? 

I fear I’ve become clueless in how to deal with people. As much as I’ve become clueless in dealing with myself. 

I just need somebody. 

In a sense

Riffs and shreds of thoughts are but a few of the ones meant to show me a  revision of what stands so far of me as a person.

The spiral has brought me to full disorientation, and yet I feel at ease.

Not knowing what’ll happen brings me comfort, and allows me to finally get something I have not all these years.

Having an objective and the willpower to do something is different than simply charting what should happen and forcing things to attain that projection, while discarding altogether the factors which allow growth in a heuristic manner.

simplesmente quando menos pensei, noto que já virei reacionário.

Caos traz calmaria a partir da estagnação,

and only willpower towards an end has the possibility of stirring it all up.


O problema da liberdade é não saber o que fazer com ela.

Liberdade em vasto nível, amarra


E deixa estagnado o pensar

O fazer

E o ser. 

Tantas possibilidades, visões de futuro que uma pessoa tende a conter, a vislumbrar 

Que o pequeno GRANDE ato de caminhar é uma afronta a esse cruzamento. 

Improviso tem regra, 

Obras tem regras, 

Pensamentos tem regras, 

Sentimentos tem regras

Numa regra sem caso, existirá ela mesmo?