Break’s almost over.

So I had this whole week to myself thankfully.

I finally got to relax and finally get my mind together without any stress.

Nothing days were chill, and the days I went out completed my break LOL.

Sad thing is, everything’s gonna be all stressful again next week.

The plus side? I don’t have to worry about juggling rehearsals and school again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love theatre and acting, but right now, grades are my priority. I mean, I’m going to freaking college.

The sad thing is, I might juggle fun and school together, which is never a good thing.

I can’t deny it, I’m sure as hell I’ll be begging to hang out with my friends and ignore my schoolwork.

I mean, come on, senioritis has kicked in ages ago. LOLOL.

My senioritis is pretty bad. Last week, I pretended I had sinusitis just so I didn’t needa go to school. And the worst part? I had 2 tests that day.

Yep. Senioritis gets you.

And what’s even worse: I’M BACK INTO MAPLESTORY.

And to our MMO-fied knowledge, we all know that Maple players are often looked down upon.

Maple is like the America of the MMORPG world. Everybody else thinks they’re annoying illiterate noobs.

Oh, deargoodness, save me. LOLOL.




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