Day 1

Ok, so we were up to a great start. Only watching unplugthetv videos, no more access to any news or social media whatsoever and other shit. I felt like my day had way more variety in comparison to others, maybe because it’s just the beginning, but after I’m into this for a week I’ll know for sure.

Talking to a stranger today: Fernanda, a friend of a friend that rides back home from school on the same van as she does.

Yeah, it was random and it was funny. People thought I was flirting with her since she’s really attractive and all, but yeaaaaah. Looking back, what the hell was I thinking, really.

What will I do when I’m 19 years old: I see myself in College and I’m having a hard time picturing anything else. Too many damn variables and you can’t predict shit. I might have my own apartment by then, who knows if I’ll get my license that soon.

Although I am sure I’ll work more than a slave, after all it’s architecture. Unappreciated work for long periods of journey. Yaaaaaaaaay!

But moving on, I’d love to have my apartment in São Paulo by then, or staying here in this condo. My sister is right about the view, it balances out all the money we pay for this condo.

As for my reevaluated long-belief: over-analysis.

For long I used to believe that rational thinking was the best way to try and understand things and people, which it really isn’t. It is a method, but not always the most efficient one. Empathy does much more wonders.

And this was my first day.

BTW, fuck cold showers.


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