Dobrei a vida em flor, e fiz dela mil amores. Você é um deles.

Lay off of your dusty ideals, and grab that shiny skim. That forbidden apple.

A never-ending metamorphosis is on the way and as always, it only relies on how much you desire change. How much you desire to walk away from routine, and how audacious you can get.

“Nós estamos no promontório extremo dos séculos!… Por que haveríamos de olhar para trás, se queremos arrombar as misteriosas portas do Impossível? O Tempo e o Espaço morreram ontem. Nós já estamos vivendo no absoluto, pois já criamos a eterna velocidade onipresente.” – Futurist Manifesto

Aqui, declaro então a minha saída do atual F.F. por não mais combinar com os ideais que uma vez contemplei. Porém, continuo a postar e ficar por aqui. O blog é o memorial de nossas lembranças de infância, our little selves. E pretendo continuar postando, para que algum dia eu possa olhar aqui e ver como mudei tanto ao longo dos anos, como já venho fazendo. E eu espero que vocês continuem comigo.

Estou na sarjeta do grupo, mas nunca deixarei de ama-los.

Até uma proxima aventura,



hi there



we really did do a full switch to skype.

for like, the past month (something like that)?? ree, dwight, and I  have been on skype every single day…

and omg your luck, hory god. IT’S DEFINITELY NOT SKYPE I’LL TELL YOU THAT. if you ever actually download skype for us (and it’s worth it, I’m serious, we log in every single day ):


I can stay logged into MSN for today so ask me later for IGNs maybe… iono when you’re on we’resosorry.toobusyonskype.

…….last night we hopped onto eden eternal too.

I got cut off last night so iunno where the niggas are at right now though. 8D



Wutcha turds doing lately? FINALS ARE OVER FUCKERS WOOHOO! So here’s the deal.

I need a little help on thinking of a scenery to take a kickass christmas picture, and it will involve My Little Pony.

Mistletoe and Ponies, HOW CAN IT EVER GO WRONG!??!?!




this is to be the 666th published post for us F.F.

that was nice, man.

last post was published just now, and it gladly congratulates and updates you on the post count.




College is so fffing difficult @_@

I REALLY can’t decide my major.

I’m starting to lean towards Film and Animation now LOL.

It sounds hella fun to make indie films, and be in them. It would be fucking amazing to make a film, and/or even star in it, and present it in a Film Festival (which thankfully Hawai’i has @___@)

But, can I get a job making films strictly in Hawai’i? .___.

What other jobs can I get with a Film Degree? @__@ (Btw, in UHManoa, a film or animation degree would be called a Creative Media major.)

I mean, I know for sure a teaching job doesn’t really require you to have a degree in that specific subject, because my current math teacher was a ZOOLOGY major, and (I mentioned this before LOL) there’s a PE teacher in my high school that was an ENGLISH major.

Then I started thinking about the other subjects I like, but didn’t take into consideration for majoring.

Like, zoology.

I LOVE learning about animals. I still have those ZooBooks from when I was a kid, and I remembered I could never take my eyes off of them when I was a kid.

If I knew about zoologist jobs in Hawai’i, I probably would major in it. More than likely, it’ll be like 3rd to last on my list.

On my last resort list, this one’s at the top.

Thing is, it might get in the way when go for that Dance Ethnology degree in graduate school, since that needs Anthropology classes. At least Ethnic Studies can be relevant to Anthropology.

Speaking of Anthropology, I looked into the major requirements and courses for it, too.

I mean, I like Anthropology, but not LOVE it, and only specific parts of it. Like cultural Anthropology.

I don’t wanna learn about archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, etc. They don’t interest me @_@

Then I started looking into the music section just for the hell of it and found out they have a major for Hawaiian Music LOL.

Then I looked at the course list, and shit. It sounds hella sick LOL.

It involves Hula Kahiko, chants, and Tahitian ensembles as part of their courses LOL.

But since it’s a music major, it also requires music theory, music history, and recitals. Out of the fucking picture, brehbreh LOL.

If I had this much of a passion for music, I would be set for this LOL.

Then I started looking into Psychology, cause I always thought it sounded cool.

I mean, the subject IS pretty cool, it’s just it doesn’t interest me as much as other things. Zoology interests me more ;/

After that, I looked more into the dance major.

I was hoping I could major in dance and avoid taking Ballet and Modern dance technique classes, but I can’t @_@

But dance majors can format their electives to have a certain concentration, and it can be ethnology. But I still can’t avoid the technique classes LOL.

I mean, shit ;__; Can’t I major in dance with a focus on Tahitian and Hula? ;___; Or even Hip Hop? ;_;

I seriously would be dead set on majoring in dance if it said something like “[insert number here] of credits in any of the available technique courses, from Tahitian, Hula, Hip Hop, Ballet, or Modern.”

motherfuck. MOTHER-OF-FUCK. HAWAI’I, WHYYY? ;__;

Then there’s that “design-your-own-major”-Interdisciplinary-studies major thing in my last post you guys probably missed LOL.

That’s a possibility LOL.

Then I found a fashion degree, but I never noticed it cause it’s called “Apparel Design and Merchandising.”

Meh. Fashion’s aiight, not something I’d wanna career in. Plus, the fashion world’s really snobby LOL.

And if I would major in Fashion, I probably wouldn’t go to school for it in Hawai’i. I’d go to FIDM if I WERE to major in it, which is highly unlikely LOLOL.

Ugh. This is difficult LOL.

I think I just added zoology to my possible major list now. Which makes my decision harder ;___;